Hotmail Two-Step Verification

As we all know Hotmail is now rebranded and known as Outlook. In this article, we will cover each and everything about the Hotmail two-step verification.

2-step Verification adds a new layer of security to your account. It works in a way that when you try to log into your account, it will dispatch a security verification code to your email address or mobile phone number whichever you have chosen.

You cannot log in to your account unless you provide the 2-step Verification code while logging in to your account.

The two-step verification doesn’t only add a security layer just to your account but also it will be used for your Microsoft account whether you use Skype, One Drive, or any Microsoft service, you will be needing that 2-step Verification code to log in to your account.

Hotmail Two-Step Verification

Who can use Hotmail Two-Step Verification?

Anyone can use this two-step verification for their account. No matter how old or new their account is, it is available to all! You just need to go through the basic settings to enable two-step verification for your Microsoft account.

How to Enable Hotmail Two-Step Verification for your Account

To enable this verification for your account you must have a valid Hotmail account.

  1. First of all sign in to your Microsoft account and go to the security settings of your account.
  2. Within the security settings click on the 2-step Verification tab.
  3. Now you will have to choose the type of verification. You want to use choose email or mobile phone number verification for your account.
  4. You can use both of the verification methods for your account.
  5. Verify the email address, if you have chosen the e-mail verification.
  6. Or verify the phone number for confirmation code, if you have used the mobile verification for your account.
  7. Microsoft will send a verification code to your mobile phone number to confirm that you own this mobile phone number and it will be used for the 2-step Verification purpose in the future for your account.
  8. Once you have entered the verification code the two-step verification for your account will be enabled.
  9. And now you will have to enter the verification code before you want to use your Hotmail account.

How does Two-Step Authentication Help?

It helps your account getting secured. No one can access your account in case if your email address and password have been compromised.

You always need to have the verification code which will be sent to your mobile phone number unless you enter that code you cannot log into your Hotmail account. Just in case if a hacker tries to log into your account, he/she will be needing the verification code which they can never get.

Enable Hotmail Two-Step Verification from Mobile Phone

No matter which device you use you can always enable or disable the 2-step Verification from your mobile application.

Steps for Activating 2-Step Authentication from Mobile Phone:

  1. If you already have the Microsoft applications installed on your mobile phone, you need to go to the application and then go to the settings page and then click on the Privacy settings.
  2. Within the privacy settings click on the 2-step Verification and then verify your phone number or the email address, which you want to use.
  3. Once the email or phone number is verified the 2-step Verification will be enabled on your account through your mobile application.

Will this work with the Mobile and Desktop PC?

The two-step verification will add another security layer to your Microsoft account no matter which device you use. If you want to use Microsoft service, you will need to enter the verification code to the Microsoft Account while signing in to your account. That doesn’t matter if you use a mobile phone tablet or PC. You will always need to enter the verification code to use your Microsoft account.

We hope this guide will help you. If it doesn’t answer your query feel free to comment below and we will try our best to reach you and help you out.

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