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Hotmail, now known as Outlook is one of the most oldest email service. At the time of its launch there were about more than 50 million users which was later increased to 5 billion users all across the world. This service was founded by the Microsoft Company, Co-founded by Sabeer Bhatia.

Hotmail was the most used service in the world before Gmail, as this was the very first electronic mail service in the world. We can still use this service but it is now renamed as Outlook Mail, which means when you try to access you will be redirected to the new domain i.e:

Hotmail Features

Signing up for Hotmail account doesn’t only allow you to use the mail service, but it will also give you access to a lot of other services by Microsoft, such as: One Drive, Skype, Office 365 and a lot more. It also allows their users to send and receive attachments along with the email which was something new at that time and that was also a big reason behind the popularity of this service.

Ease of use: With so many features, the Microsoft team has made a lot of efforts to make a user-friendly navigation and easy to use service. That means everything in this service is so basic and straight forward that even a new user can sign up directly and start using the service without much issues.

Security: Users privacy and security is something which everyone needs to consider the most. The A-level security by Microsoft Team has made sure that their servers are pretty much secure and your data is totally safe with them. They also have a Two-Factor authorization feature which makes your account even more secure than anything, without inserting the security code (which a user receives on his/her registered mobile phone number) no one can access their account.

Send Huge Files: Like we described above, having a Microsoft account allows you to use One Drive service as well. Which can be used to upload and transfer huge files with the email. You just need to upload the data to One Drive, Copy Link and attach it with the email! It’s so simple. Along with this you can also set permissions for users who can view, edit or download your attachment with in the One Drive.

Quick View: Just like Google Docs, also have Quick View service which allows you to create, view and edit important documents online. This service supports (.docx, .xls, .xlsx, .doc etc) that means you have all your files online with you. These files or documents are stored on the One Drive secure servers.

How to Sign up for Account?

Like the other services, creating an account for Hotmail is also a quick and a simple process. The most user-friendly and easy to understand website navigation, even a newbie can sign up for the account but in case if you don’t know how to create an account for hotmail, you can follow the easy steps given below.

  1. Open any web browser using PC, Laptop or Mobile Phone and visit the official Hotmail website, which is now known as Outlook i.e:, Open this URL in your browser and click on “Create free account”  or Click here to directly go to the sign up page.
  2. Pick a username: You have to pick a unique username in this step, choose a username for your account that no one has used before and which you can easily remember, as this username will be used to login to your hotmail account.
    Hotmail Sign up
  3. Choose your Account Password: In this step, you have to set up a strong password for your account. A few tips for choosing a secure password:
    • Choose a password which is easy to remember to you, but not easy to guess by anyone else.
    • Use a mixture of Upper-case and Lower-case alphabets.
    • Use Numbers and Special characters to make it even more stronger.
    • Never save your password anywhere which is not your personal such as: Internet cafes etc.
  4. On this page, Microsoft asks you to enter all the correct information about yourself to create an account for In this step, you have to provide all the legit information there so that in case your account get compromise it will be easy for the Hotmail recovery team to recognize you and your account.
  5. Enter your Name, Date of Birth, Country Name and in the last fill the Captcha to create your account.
  6. That’s it! After the last step, you will be automatically logged in to your Hotmail account.

Hotmail Login: How to Sign in to your Account?

Just like the sign up process, hotmail login is also simple and easy to done process. No matter which device you use you can access your hotmail account using any device at any place. This is what makes this service even more awesome because it allows you to use one account on multiple devices. Its really a simple process, however if you’re doing it for the first time or if you still don’t know the Hotmail sign in process, you can follow the process given below.

Hotmail login via PC/Laptop

  1. From your desktop, open any web browser and go to the Official website, or just click here to go the hotmail login page.
  2. On this page you have to enter the username of your account, if you don’t know what is your username you can enter your Hotmail email address and click Next.Hotmail login
  3. On the next page, it will ask you for the account password. Enter your password click on Sign in.
    Hotmail Sign in
  4. That’s it! You are now logged in and now you will be redirected to Hotmail Dashboard.
    Hotmail inbox

Hotmail login via Mobile Phone/Tablet

  1. Go to Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS).
  2. Search for Outlook, and Install the first and Official application from the list.
  3. Once the installation is complete, login to your hotmail account by entering your username/email and password of your account.
  4. From the Applications Home Screen, Tap on Outlook to go to Hotmail inbox.
  5. The second method is to use your account using mobile web browser, just open any web browser and follow the steps given above for PC/Laptop, rest of the method is same.

If you still need more help regarding your Microsoft account, feel free to contact us by Contact form or by sending us an email! You can also comment down your problem and we will try our best to solve it.